Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Government Announces Plans for National Landlord Register

On the 3rd February the Government announced it's intentions to regulate all Landlords through a National Register of Landlords. At the same time the Housing Minister, John Healey, announced his plan to establish a website that tenants could use to give 'feedback' on landlords.

In his statement Healey said "I'm making information about the track record of landlords available to everyone".

These are some of the main points from the report:

A national register run nationally

Compulsory for all landlords (defined as those letting a property on a tenancy agreement – this excludes leasehold, resident landlords and holiday lets)

Basic information required on registration will be name (plus date of birth to ensure uniqueness), contact address, address(es) of property for rent

No further information will be required and there will be no hurdles to registration

There will be a registration fee to cover administration costs

Registered landlords will receive a unique registration number which will be a prerequisite to key landlord activities

Failure to register will be a civil offence attracting a cash penalty

Compliance will be enforced through the two elements set out above backed up by extensive national publicity focused on both landlords and tenants

On registration, landlords will receive a “starter pack” containing information about their rights and responsibilities and helpful links to other organisations.

Similar information for tenants will also be made available as part of the Register website

Only public enforcement agencies will have access to the full data. Landlords will be able to access their data (using their unique registration number). Tenants will be able to access current or prospective landlords’ data (using the relevant landlord’s unique registration number and, therefore, only with permission from the landlord)

Landlords have already told us that they see a National Register as little more than a further tax on landlords. Landlords have already expressed their concerns about how the data contained in the National Register will be used.

But it is likely that the announcement of the website for tenants to comment on their landlord which will cause the most concern for landlords. There was no announcement of any plans for a similar website about tenants, something that many Landlords want.

One concern to us at NetRent is that according to the Government paper just 78 landlords took the time to comment directly on the Rugg Report. The Government estimate that there are over 1 million private landlords.

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