Thursday, 20 January 2011

Two landlords fined thousands after failing to get a licence

Two private landlords in Manchester have been hit with charges of thousands of pounds apiece for failing to obtain a licence to rent out property.

Brian Rafter of Beetham Tower, Deansgate, was found guilty in his absence and fined £1,500, told to pay costs of £1,432 and £15 victims of crime surcharge at a hearing at Manchester Magistrates Court on 12 January.

At a separate hearing on the same day Mohammed Asher of Lancaster Road, Salford, was charged in his absence to pay a £750 fine, £1,432 in costs and £15 victims of crime surcharge.

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Across the country too many landlords fail to obtain the correct licences or seem to believe that the law does not apply to them. Many Local Authorities have nor brought successful prosecutions against landlords which have resulted in fines as large as £40,000.

Although over 70 pieces of legislation apply to private letting in the UK there are many different ways that landlords and tenants can check on their respective rights and responsibilities. has a huge on-line resource centre which explains in detail what landlords and tenants need to be aware of, please click here The Landlord Resource Centre.

You can also get information and contact details for your Local Authority by clicking here Working with Local Authorities.