Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tenants are urged to shop rogue landlords

TENANTS are being urged to seek advice if they experience problems with so-called rogue landlords.

HomeLet, a provider of insurance to the lettings industry says recent studies indicate that more than 7.5 million private rental tenants have had problems with their landlord over the past 10 years.

The studies, HomeLet says, found that 90 per cent of environmental health officers have found landlords to be harassing tenants or illegally-evicting them.

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NetRent Comment

This story is essentially a re-hash of the Shelter figures produced to back their campaign Evict Rogue Landlords. NetRent have asked Shelter to justify these figures and we're still waiting for a reply. In short the figures are, at best, dubious.

HomeLet also insure a large number of landlord properties. Landlords might want to re-consider spending money with a company that is so clearly anti-landlord.

Yet again this is a lazy story designed to appeal to the headline writers. HomeLet should ask how many councils have encouraged tenants to seek eviction so that they can be re-housed. HomeLet should also have a good look at our Facebook campaign The Damage That Some Tenants Do before jumping on the rogue landlord bandwagon.

Meanwhile, we suggest that landlords should boycott HomeLet.

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