Monday, 7 November 2011

Stop blaming greedy landlords for rising rents

Greedy buy-to-let landlords traditionally get the blame for rising rents and, with rents at a record high, never more so than now. But are landlords simply cashing in on the greater demand for rental properties - or are other factors at play?

The problems faced by tenants are well documented. Rents are rising and becoming unaffordable for many ordinary families and for single professionals who don’t want to share with other renters. Just last month research from LSL Property Services showed that the average rent reached £718 in September, 0.7% more than the previous record high seen in August.

But it’s not a case of simple greed. While landlords are benefiting from low interest rates and a decent choice of buy-to-let (BLT) mortgages, many have to pay managing agents and/or lettings agent fees – and these don’t come cheap.

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