Monday, 10 June 2013

Rogue Landlords 'Should Face Crackdown'

Sweeping new reforms should be introduced in an effort to banish London’s rogue landlords, a London Assembly member said.

The fresh proposals recommended by the London Assembly included moves such as stabilising rents, enforcing landlord registration and issuing longer tenancies.

The proposals would force landlords to register before setting up shop in the capital and include higher penalties for landlords caught breaching property rules.

The reforms would also see homeless households placed in the private sector given tenancies of at least 24 months with allowances made for families with children.

Meanwhile the Mayor would also launch a bid to stabilise rents in an effort to tackle rising property costs.

Landlords will also be given access to low coast loans in effort to improve the quality of the city’s housing stock.

London Assembly member Len Duvall said: “We need urgent reforms for London’s private rented housing, many people are forced to live in poor quality housing and pay rapidly rising rents for the privilege.

"As housing demand continues to far outstrip supply, the Mayor needs to take action now to make the capital’s private rental sector fairer. Law-abiding landlords should have no issue with the Assembly’s recommendations. We need a package of measures to rent stabilisation, longer tenancies and landlord registration.

“Tenants have had year upon year of inflation-busting rent rises, this cannot continue. Everybody deserves good-quality accommodation and to feel secure in their home, especially the ever growing number of renters with children. Reforms to renting in London are important to ensure we don’t see a return to the Dickensian squalor of the past.”