Monday, 14 February 2011

Greedy landlords are putting up rents

The research by shows that almost half of Britain’s private landlords are planning to increase their rates by at least 4% this year. Around two million households will be affected by the hikes paying around £550 extra each per year. That’s collectively over one billion pounds of rent increases!

These hikes will come as bad news for many tenants already struggling to cope with rising inflation and the extra costs of the VAT hike.

But unfortunately rising costs hit landlords as well as tenants – so in many circumstances while rent increases are frustrating, they may also be justified. But it’s still important to know your rights as a tenant and be aware of what you can do if you believe your rent is being unfairly hiked.

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NetRent Comment

This appears to be a classic case of provocative headline to grab the reader whilst the article says something quite different. However, there are some good points raised in the article, especially for tenants who may not understand their rights and landlords who might also be a bit fuzzy about what they can and can't do!

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