Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Damage That Some Tenants Do

Today NetRent.co.uk launches a new campaign called The Damage that Some Tenants Do. This is aimed at highlighting the damage that some tenants do to their landlord's properties.

With the help of landlords and letting agents throughout the UK we will display photographs on our Facebook page of the damage left by some tenants - damage that landlords have to clean up and repair.

We are asking landlords and letting agents to send us their pictures of the mess and damage tenants have left behind.

The perception amongst too many people is that landlords are the villains of the lettings industry. The public rarely see the damage that some tenants cause. The public and the government normally only see and hear one side of the problems that beset this industry. We believe that it is time for some balance - and it is time that people see for themselves what far too many landlords have to deal with.

It is extremely rare that the sort of disgusting mess and damage in these photos is ever publicised. This is the damage that the media and organisations like Shelter ignore, this is the reality that too many landlords face.

These are the health hazards that landlords are left to clean up. This is the damage that they are left to repair.
Some may argue that landlords are covered. They say that landlords have the tenants deposit and can use that to clean the property. The reality is that no amount of deposit is sufficient to compensate for the trauma of having to deal with this. And in far too many cases the deposit is simply not enough to cover the financial loss incurred by landlords.
If you have photos of the damage that some tenants do please send them to support@netrent.co.uk and we will add them to our Facebook page. Please include your name, address and a telephone number or we will be unable to publish the photos. We will not divulge your details on Facebook or elsewhere.
Help us to help landlords and letting agents throughout the UK by sending your photos today. Please share the details of this campaign with other landlords and agents and encourage them to send their photos to us.

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