Monday, 11 April 2011

Landlords warned after 'cannabis factories' found in tenants' homes

Police in Merton have dismantled two cannabis factories that had been set up at residential addresses in Durnsford Road SW19.

Acting on information received from members of the public, the Wimbledon Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team team contacted the landlord who was "very concerned to hear about the activities of his tenants”.

The landlord gave the police full access to this address and a second property he owned nearby.

Although no suspects were found at either location, police recovered a substantial amount of equipment including lighting, transformers, fans, ducting, fertiliser and pots, all specifically installed for the illegal production of cannabis plants.

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NetRent Comment

Years after the first cannabis farms were first found in rented property the problem still exists. Virtually no insurance exists to cover this problem so the whole bill for repair falls on the landlord. That bill can run into tens of thousands of pounds and can even lead to prosecution of the landlord.

Usually simple precautions like full credit referencing and not accepting cash up front will protect the landlord but our advice is when in doubt do not let to tenants you are not completely sure about.