Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stories about things that tenants leave behind

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Every letting agent has stories about things that tenants leave behind; some silly, some sad, some revolting. Apparently ‘grown-up toys’ are the number one item left behind by tenants when they move out of a property according to a survey by the Deposit Protection Service.

In a poll of more than 1000 landlords across the UK, ‘grown-up toys’ were the most frequently left behind item that landlords had to dispose of. Animals, both dead and alive also scored highly on the list. Tenants left behind a stuffed parrot, guinea pigs, a large dead fish in a recycling bin and even a snake living under the floorboards.

Kevin Firth, Director of the DPS said “cleaning up after tenants is often a big job for landlords but this research shows that it’s not always just dirt they have to contend with”.

“One landlord told us that a former tenant, a postman, had left behind bags of unopened mail in the attic. Another told us that he found a batch of winning lottery scratch cards in the property, while another said that he had been showing a prospective tenant around a property and found a complete stranger asleep in the bedroom!”

The top 10 most bizarre items left behind

1. *** toys

2. An elephant’s foot

3. The ashes of a dead person

4. A pot bellied pig

5. A box containing nail clippings

6. A crash test dummy

7. A pair of synthetic breasts

8. A glass bowl covered with cling film containing 17 live spiders

9. A plastic hand with a fork attached

10. 7 cans of gravy

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