Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy Seeks Crackdown on Rogue Landlords

Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has accused the Government of failing to protect tenants in privately-rented accommodation from rogue landlords.
Ms McCarthy is worried that as the private sector continues to expand, tenants are now facing a lack of security, poor quality accommodation and record rents.
She said this combination puts families and young people living in Bristol under considerable pressure.
In Bristol, private rents have risen 4.1 per cent over the past year, with 60,000 households reported to be renting privately in the city.
She said: "In cities like Bristol, families and young people are becoming increasingly squeezed by increasing rents and they have little security in terms of tenancy agreements.
The Government cannot go on ignoring this problem. Renting privately has to be fair for both the tenant and the landlord. I know from attending the Housing Benefit Poverty Hearing in Bristol, that tenants have had enough of rip-off fees from letting agents, instability from landlords and ever rising rents."