Thursday, 9 October 2014

UK’s landlords reminded to check tenants' immigration status

The UK’s private sector landlords are being warned that they must check the immigration status of all of their new tenants.

With legislation coming into force next year that will require landlords to identify if a potential tenant has the right to reside in the UK before they grant a tenancy, the National Landlords Association is reminding property owners that they will face a £3,000 fine if they fail to carry the checks out.

The new rules, which are set out in the Immigration Act, will begin being rolled out in the West Midlands this December.

Carolyn Uphill, NLA chairman, said: “In some areas as early as this December, the Immigration Act will place a legal responsibility on landlords to help prevent illegal immigrants from accessing private rented accommodation.

“It has always been best practice to conduct a thorough check on prospective tenants, but if landlords don’t do their due diligence on tenants they could be in line for a hefty penalty."

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